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Who We Are

SRQ Companies is an established and highly reputed VAT Consultantation and Financial Service Provider in Oman, UAE Bahrain and India.

We, a global team of qualified professionals experienced in providing financial, bookkeeping and accounting, online tax consultant and tax return filing services, aim to reduce complexity and compliance burden from all the day to day financial activities of our clients.

Our online tax consultant assists businesses to keep their financial and accounting records managed as per government norms. Our team of best vat consultant in Oman help your business to manage.

SRQ has an enormous experience in managing portfolios of global clients through its state-of-the-art business support infrastructure. We are driven by an ambition to build relationships with large corporates as well as SMEs and to assist them with bespoke financial solutions based on their business plans.

We are eager to work with firms who want to foray into Gulf states, which is today a renowned international business and trading hub.

Our Experties

Accounting And book Keeping

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting has been an integral part of businesses in day to day world. We at SRQ help you reduce your finance staff costs and ensure you are provided with quality services. This will reduce the administrative burden and also the complexity faced by executives in meeting shorter time frames.

Financial Services & Consulting

Our financial experts provide the clients with deep insights into the overall financial health of organizations, advice on risk assessments, implement internal process/procedures, expert advice on economic/industry/market, preparation of projections & actuals and provide smart solutions.

VAT Services

With our global experience and expertise in GCC VAT SRQ Companies has gained lot of trust and applauds amongst all our clients in the implementing states. We look forward in establishing ourselves as the best Vat Experts, VAT Consultants in Oman and all the remaining GCC member states as and when they implement VAT.

best vat consultant in oman

Other Taxations

Other than VAT, taxation in Oman includes corporate income tax, withholding tax and excise tax. Our team of professionals provides efficient strategies and help businesses navigate through complex tax structures and take informed decisions. We drive through complexity to execution where constant changes in Tax Landscape has become new normal.


Why SRQ Companies?

All services managed by a Team of qualified chartered Accountants and Accounting professionals.

Excellent combination of process, people and Technology.

Qualified advisory team of support for all financial compliances.

Experience in managing client’s portfolios through our high tech state of the art support infrastructure.

Dedicated Relationship managers for each client.

An infrastructure which sustains even in the unfortunate Covid-19 situation.

Efficient and Cost effective Customized Service Packages suitable to small, medium and large enterprises with favourable payment options.

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User-Friendly SRQ App appreciated and applauded by all our GCC clients.

Our Process

Pre & Post Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic across the world has created repurcussions wherein businesses have come to a standstill. SRQ Companies has handled the current crisis through the online infrastructure already in place through which we were able to meet all our commitments within the scheduled timelines. We were able to provide uninterrupted services to our clients through online solutions providing access to data 24×7 throughout the covid-19 crisis.

Our employees have adapted home desk as the new work desk. Pre covid we had to leave work at a specific time to avoid traffic or catch the last bus home. Post covid we are able to efficiently transform all those unproductive hours, increase productivity and also have our flexible working hours. The situation also enabled us to stay safe & secure following all the norms of respective countries in which our employees are domiciled.

Our Testimonial

Our clients are very happy and satisfied with our services and few of them have shared their reasons of satisfactions here. 

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Our Other Products :

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      Customized Packages

      Taking into consideration Small, Medium, and Large enterprises SRQ Companies have a range of packages to suit you. All our packages include access to data 24/7. Our prices are valid for One Year of Service.

      Basic Package: This package provides a pre-formulated sheet where minimum details are entered. This package includes VAT Registration and VAT Return filing for One full year. Online Support available for any assistance required.

      Standard Package: This package allows you to upload your invoices/documents with a single click through your Mobile Camera or Internal Storage. This package includes VAT Registration, VAT Return & Income Tax Return Filing for One full year. Enjoy the privilege of having access to the documents online. Key Relationship Manager available for consultation.

      Premium Package: This Package includes Accounting and Bookkeeping, VAT Registration, VAT and Income tax Return Filing. All your financials are prepared and presented periodically along with graphical representation which will help you understand better. Key Relationship Manager available for consultation.

      Enroll with SRQ Companies

      Enroll with SRQ Companies by providing your contact details and our Key Relationship Managers will assist you.

      As part of our commitment to follow the Covid-19 guidelines, SRQ Companies has come up with self enrolment. To self enrol please Click here or download our App through App Store/Play Store or using QR Code available at the end of this page.

      Once the enrolment process is confirmed our team of experts will assess and register you with Tax Authorities.