Our Brand

SRQ Companies is a complete one-stop-shop financial services provider, solely focused on providing our valued clients critical advice and enable companies gain access to optimum solutions available in the markets.

 We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest levels of professionalism together with possessing an in-depth product

Our vision

Our vision is to become a trusted financial services provider by providing superlative services and enrich the experience of each client with SRQ Companies.

Our Mission

  • To provide efficient, cost effective and personalized service of the highest quality.

  • To assist our clients at every stage of development to achieve their business targets by offering complete business solutions.

  • To provide opportunities for Wealth Development through investments.
  • Industries Served

    SRQ Companies has been successfully serving clients from every industry.

    Gold jewelries and merchants, real estate, super markets and retail outlets, transport and logistics, manpower supply and vape points are few of the industries but not limited to.

    Pre & Post Covid-19

    World Post Covid-19: Embracing the new normal

    The covid-19 impact has posed unprecedented challenges to all the industries across the world. The global services sector has witnessed a downfall in demand which further required the industry to re evaluate its short term and long term plans. The deteriorating credit quality of businesses due to imposition of lock down led to change of priorities for businesses. This situation has been aggravated into increase of demand & supply gap which led to complete shutdown of certain businesses. Respond, not react became the new mantra for businesses to sustain the shocks caused as a result of this turbulence.

    As a result of these unforeseen circumstances these are the ways in which businesses are likely to evolve.

    • Shift towards localisation
    • Demand for digitally delivered products
    • Cash crunch and liquidity issues
    • Various changes in priorities and cost models for businesses
    • Businesses will look to become more agile
    • Elevated debt levels make social distancing more costly

    Repair the Damage:- 

    The extent of damage caused is only beginning to manifest itself in various ways. It requires several ways to withstand, rebuild and restructure the businesses in various ways. The following recourse activities can be top priorities for businesses across the world.

    •  Increase of service based revenue
    • Increasing the “trust building” activity
    • Restructure the balance sheets to reduce the impact of Covid.

    Covid-19 pandemic across the world has created repurcussions wherein businesses have come to a standstill. SRQ Companies has handled the current crisis through the online infrastructure already in place through which we were able to meet all our commitments within the scheduled timelines. We were able to provide uninterrupted services to our clients through online solutions providing access to data 24×7 throughout the covid-19 crisis.

    Our employees have adapted home desk as the new work desk. Pre covid we had to leave work at a specific time to avoid traffic or catch the last bus home. Post covid we are able to efficiently transform all those unproductive hours, increase productivity and also have our flexible working hours. The situation also enabled us to stay safe & secure following all the norms of respective countries in which our employees are domiciled.

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