Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SRQ Companies acknowledges our client’s trust in us with respect to handling their private information and documents that they upload on our website/App. With a written consent of our client in our service agreement, we gather the important details of the clients business to help the client to comply with their tax compliance.

SRQ Companies has reasonable security policies and procedures in place to protect personal information from unauthorized loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. The client’s information is maintained on our dedicated server and accessible only to the client through their secured login credential. It is important for the client to protect against unauthorized access to their password and to their computer. We request the clients to make sure they sign off when they finish using our website. We assure all the clients that their information’s access is limited to our expert accounts team who has the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the data. We assure our clients that we do not share any of their details to any third party.

If the client has any concern about privacy or grievances at, they can contact our email id, with a thorough description and we will try to resolve the issue for the client.

1.1 What information we collect

We obtain information based on requirements of respective tax authority for registering for VAT. This includes personal information as well as information about clients business for us to enable to register for VAT purposes. Apart from this we collect and store in our dedicated server invoices for sales and purchases made in their business for a particular tax period which the customer can see using secured credentials. The access to the customer’s information is restricted only to the respective user. Necessary controls are located from the server’s end to ensure that data privacy is maintained. We don’t share any information obtained during the course of registration to third parties unless express consent is given by the customer himself. We internally have policies and controls in place for data not being shared to third parties except employees of SRQ.

Personal Data

Personal individual information, like your name, email address, phone number, and demographic information like your age, gender, country that you voluntarily give us [When you register with our site or mobile application] or when you choose to participate in some activities on our site or mobile app such as FAQ’s, Chatbots, subscription and promotional emails. You are under no obligation to provide us your personal information of any kind, however, if you refuse to do so may prevent you from using some features of our site or mobile application.

1.2 The legal grounds we have to use your personal information.

SRQ generally collects only the information that is required to fulfil the customer’s request. Where additional optional information is sought, you will be notified of this at the point of collection.

1.3 Automatic collection of personal information

In some instances, SRQ uses cookies, to automatically collect certain types of information when customer’s visits online, as well as through emails which we exchange with the clients. This collection is just to enable us to serve the respective customer’s request and not for any other purpose.

1.3.1 Cookies

Cookies may be placed on your computer or internet-enabled device whenever you visit us online. This allows the site to remember your computer or device and serves a number of purposes.

This cookies comes through browsers which accept cookies, you can choose whether or not to accept cookies via your browser’s settings (often found in your browser’s Tools or Preferences menu). You may also delete cookies from your device at any time. However, please be aware that if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to fully experience some of our web sites’ features.

Other third party tools and widgets may be used on our individual web pages to provide additional functionality. Use of these tools or widgets may place a cookie on your device to make their service easier to use, and ensure your interaction is displayed on our web pages properly.

By Navigating on our websites or entering login details of the customer to access reserved areas, the customer has to change settings in his browser if he doesn’t want to a cookie to be placed in his device.

1.4 Social Media widgets and applications

SRQ web site may include functionality to enable sharing via third party social media applications, such as the Face book and Twitter. These social media applications may collect and use information regarding your use of SRQ web site. Any personal information that you provide via such social media applications may be collected and used by other members of that social media application and such interactions are governed by the privacy policies of the companies that provide the application. We do not have control over, or responsibility for, those companies or their use of your information.

In addition, our web sites may host blogs, forums. The purpose of social media features is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and content. Any personal information that you provide on any SRQ social media feature may be shared with other users of that social media feature (unless otherwise stated at the point of collection), over whom we may have limited or no control.

1.5 Children

SRQ understands the importance of protecting children’s privacy, especially in an online environment. In particular, our sites are not intentionally designed for or directed at children under the age of 13. It is our policy never to knowingly collect or maintain information about anyone under the age of 13, except as part of an engagement to provide professional services.

1.6 Sharing and transfer of personal information

SRQ doesn’t have any other network firms or associates for sharing of information. All the information collected is wholly maintained with SRQ through its dedicated third party servers and its employees to facilitate the customer’s request and sufficient and appropriate controls are being maintained to prevent any breach, theft or misappropriate use of data obtained and accessed by employees of SRQ. This data is accessed through third party servers who has necessary controls to prevent the data being shared to other parties which is being described in the link given below.

1.7 Transfer to third parties

We do not share personal information with third parties, except as necessary for our legitimate professional and business needs, to carry out your requests, and/or as required or permitted by law or professional standards. We place the data obtained online on dedicated servers which are maintained by third parties. Your personal and business information will continue to be protected by means of contracts we have in place with those organizations outside SRQ.

Your Rights

If SRQ Processes personal information about you, you have the following rights:

• Access and Correction: You have the right to access the data which will be generally provided to you via web browser or through apps provided for the customer’s use. Customers will be provided with secured login credentials for secure login into our websites and access information given. If the credentials provided are incorrect we have reasonable process to enable the customer retrieve his id or password after going through a security trail by the customer online through which SRQ will be able to know if it is a legitimate request or not.

• Object to processing: The customers have the right to object to processing of the information provided to us if SRQ is not entitled to use it anymore.

• Other rights: The customers have the right to delete the information provided to us online if we are holding it too long, have its processing restricted in certain circumstances and/or to obtain copies of information we hold about you in electronic form.

You can make a request or exercise these rights by contacting and we will make all reasonable and practicable efforts to comply with your request, so far it is consistent with applicable and professional standards.


 Data Security and Integrity

NData collected online through our website or applications is stored in dedicated servers whose privacy is controlled by SRQ through explicit agreements between SRQ and third party service providers. We have similar controls in place for data accessed by employees of SRQ and developers of SRQ. SRQ is committed to the safety and security of the data collected to ensure that it is not compromised.

 Changes to this statement

SRQ may modify this statement time to time to reflect our current privacy policies. When we make changes to this statement, we will revise the updated date at the top of this page. Any changes to the processing of personal information as described in this privacy statement affecting you will be communicated to you through an appropriate channel, depending on how we normally communicate to you.

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